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Look at the world today. Impossible targets. And cruel deadlines to achieve them.
Unfortunately college degrees only teach you from textbooks scribed by educationists and experts who derive wisdom from their individual journeys and er what they were taught. So some wisdom is time tested while some is redundant. So what's the perfect formula for reaching the ultimate goal. Work consistently, rather than stressfully and hastily. Here's how.

Hello my dear friends !

Welcome to Sollertis Global.

Yes. Work is important in more ways than one. It's intrinsic to human life to keep oneself occupied lest one do nothing but be of nuisance to others and self. After all they say an empty mind is a devil's workshop. Though being a lawyer I say, it is not always true. Good people only do good or stay in their quiet corner if they can't add value to anything. So basically it's the devils who surely need full time engagement. Being idle they have absolute nuisance value. Hence taming them and keeping them engaged is the only solution out. That explains the concept of vocational courses in jail. Hahaha.

But for the rest of the humanity. Why worry. There are days high in productivity and some days that don't show progress. But it's okay. Simply enjoy that chaotic, lazy day as a blessing in disguise to unwind, relax and enjoy your favourite activity or food while sitting in your office.

Final mantra. Do your best each day. That's all you can do. And take that unforeseen, sudden break if you've come to realise, that no matter how hard you try, it's just not going to work that day. And in any case you just can't mess with the universe's plan. It surely has better intelligence than you.

You are not the doer. You are made to work. As part of a huge team. So why pressure yourself unnecessarily as if its you alone.

Relax. Rome was not built in a day. And rightly so. Every good thing takes times.

So enjoy the process and the journey while working towards your end goals. It will all happen at its rightful time. Best of luck. Stay blessed. Stay positive.

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